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Greetings from the Faroe Islands

Greetings All Ye Faithful Blogreaders. Long time has passed and so much has happened.
Good things have happened the past four years.
I graduated last summer very pregnant and rushed home to pack up the rest of our apartment/life in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. I knew that Kristjan wanted to return home to the Faroes, that was why I went back to school, to have three more years in Copenhagen. The three years went by SO fast. In school I gained new knowledge and new friends. I found it so invigorating to be around people ten years younger than me. I miss them.

I was not ready to move back to the Faroes, but when all our earthly possessions were packed in a container and driven away down Dybbølsgade (our street), it felt completely and utterly right. It still feels right.

Off course I miss Copenhagen. Kristjan and I lived there for twelve years. We moved to Dybbølsbro as a young couple eager to experience the city life, ready to study hard and party hard. At some point we decided to get serious and we got married. We travelled and learned new things. Finally we became parents to our beloved daughter. We had five easy breezy years with her and enjoyed life as a family in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. But all good things come to an end. This new era of our life is exiting. Nikolina is blossoming and I think that is related to the freedom of small town living. She runs off to her new friends as she pleases, she plays outside and out of site. That really does something to her self confidence. Nikolinas brother, Jústinus, is pretty much like his sister - mellow. He'll for sure be intreduced to Dybbølsbro and to all our good memories in Vesterbro <3

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