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One last trio trip

Someway somehow I found time to go on vacation for a week whilst working on my BA. I really wanted to have a last vacation, before we became a family of four. It was so worth it, leaving my BA behind – not giving a hoot and just enjoy the superb company, that is my husband and daughter. We ordered nothing but sunbathing, siestas and ice cream.


Tubadi tub tub tub

Her is a picture of my love in our old sitting bathtub. I reckon a bathtub to be one of life's great indulgences, and to have that in our simple little hut, is so delightful.


Nikolina Flora

This is Nikolina before bedtime...

I purchased gymnastic rings a little month ago for Nikolina Flora. They have been in action ever since. She absolutely loves them and learns new tricks just about every day. And then two weeks ago I bought two old triangle shaped bookcases from Montana. I'd love to have them in our living room, but Kristjan did not love that idea, so for now they make for a great dollhouse in Nikolinas room. All this makes for a very active and happy girl.


No noel just yet

I'm not ready for the ornament invasion yet - Nikolina Flora is in a big way. So guess we'll be trimming our plastic tree soon


Strendur, Faroe Islands

It's now two years ago, that Kristjan and I purchased a 45kvm hut in Kristjans home village. We spent a week there this summer and a a jolly old good time. List of things I like about the hut:
the view (overlooking Skálafjørð)
the company (my lovely daughter and husband)
the size (45kvm is so doable)
the bathtub (pictures to come...)
did I mention the good company!?


Best advise ever!


This summer thus far

We're enjoying the danish summer and for the most part hanging out at home until the worst heat and sunbeams have past. We vent to Tivoli two days in a row, visiting the Rasmus Klump playground and not spending a single dime the first day, but we caved an ice cream to share on the second day. I'm trying to hold back on the little I have, now attending school and no work...


Now that's a shade!

Would die for a Ana Kras handmade lamp shade. They are so beautiful and classic. No two are the same, but all charming.


get together

Two pictures. One taken in 1953 and the other 2013.
My grandmother is the brunette standing in the center<3
I'm the one with four eyebrows.





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