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Sweetie pea

We can eat peas for breakfast, lunch, dinner...

Anonym –   – (31 oktober, 2011)  

fitt er tað :)

mette / ungt blod  – (01 november, 2011)  

:) so sweet -Elinor loves peas too -she often eats them frozen.

You have a little part in the new Uppercase magazine -did you know? A photo of yours is used in a display of triangles. I can send you a photograph of it if you would like -just let me know

Svanna  – (01 november, 2011)  

Plz do send me a picture søde Mette :-)

Frozen you say...must try one day ;-)

Anonym –   – (15 november, 2011)  

She's so precious!

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