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Snow is so last season!

Spring please make your appearance soon please!

Fonda LaShay  – (01 februar, 2010)  

oh here too! I wish it would stop.. it is getting to be painful walking in town!

Lisa Kjellerød  – (01 februar, 2010)  

I totally agree with you!! Im tired of driving to work in the dark and arriving home in the dark too and dont get me started on the snow! (thankfully our snow is gone!)

Anonym –   – (02 februar, 2010)  

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Juju  – (02 februar, 2010)  

Helsinki is asking people to help the city with all the snowwork.
There is so much snow and no place to put it...but its beautiful. Like in a song: Helsinki is beautiful for a moment, when it´s white. I rather take this than rainy and slippery sidewalks, but enough is enough!

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