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Home sweet home

I´m writing from my hometown Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands. It´s always good to be back. I´ll be here for the next 10 days and promise to blog as much as I can. For now I´m off to visit my grandparents. My grandfather, Tórleif is 85 and my grandmother is 84. I´ve blogged about her before so maybe I need to introduse my grandfather this time.

Anonym –   – (08 marts, 2009)  

Nice photo! Now I am planning to visit Faroe Islands for my vacation. Is it cold during late April to early May? I love trekking so I hope I can do during my stay.--Chika

Didz  – (20 oktober, 2009)  

Hi! I'm from South East Asia and I never knew about your country until few minutes ago while googling. You really have a lovely country! The photos of Faroe Islands really amazed me. I'm starting to like your country already. I hope one day I can visit there :)


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