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Photos by Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander took these pictures for The New York Post in March 2007 of my birthplace the Faroe Islands. Read the article. I love the colors of the two first pictures. The one with sheep heads is kinda barbaric, but very current. Kristjan will be off to the Faroe Islands this Thursday to join the rest of his family to slaughter some 700 sheeps. I´ve ordered him to bring back as many sheep heads with him as possible. It is one of my favorite eat. To prepare the heads you lightly burn them to remove all wool (the burning process gives the meat a distinct flavor) than you wash the heads thoroughly and cook for 1 hour in salted water. Voila!

Anonym –   – (06 oktober, 2008)  

wow these photos are stunning! My farther went to færøerne some years ago to write a book. If i remember correctly he stayed in a village that was the worlds longest and narrowest village?? does that make sense? i would love to go!

Svanna  – (06 oktober, 2008)  

Mette! you and your husband should come...you would offcorse stay at my parents house and you should come during the summer ;o)


Anonym –   – (06 oktober, 2008)  

its a deal!

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