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Alvar Alto vs IKEA

I never tier of the shape of the Savoy vase by Alvar Alto and thought that it would make a pretty mat - a bathmat that I´ve been in need of for a long time. I bought the cheap NÄCKTEN in white and blew up the shape of the Savoy vase on to a newspaper and cut the shape out. I then pinned the template on to the mat wich I then cut out. Voila!

Anonym –   – (14 oktober, 2008)  

cute! Thats just what i did with the mat in our entrance :) -except that was freehand

IceAmaroq –   – (25 december, 2010)  

Good idea! Didn't you have to sow the edges after you cut it?

Svanna  – (09 januar, 2011)  

Nope...the rubber material underneath holds everything in place. You do need to trim the edges dough:-)

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