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Fish cakes

Kristjan left for Toronto today, but before that I made his favorite...fish cakes. Being Faroese to me means loving fish, we eat fish at lest twice a week. Here´s the recipe: Mix the ingredients (below) together, season with salt, pepper and a dash of sugar. Serve with lime wedges and guacamole. 400g potatoes (cooled and mashed) 200g white fish 3-4 spring onions chili big bunch coriander (cilantro)

Anonym –   – (02 maj, 2008)  

goodness gracious these look delicious

billajenny  – (13 maj, 2008)  

I agree with Jessica. Very clever idea with the bowl pic. aswell:)

Anonym –   – (14 maj, 2008)  

Har lige lavet dem og serveret for dennis og min søster! De var fantastiske!

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