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One trip and NO funeral

My beloved grandmother Jenny suffered a brain haemorrhage some 3 weeks ago. At one point, it did not look like she was going to make it. Billa Jenný and I rushed to the Faroe Islands to say our 'goodbyes'. But then grandmother Jenny started recovering and waking up. Such joy! So no funeral – only long uninterrupted visits to the hospital. She can only say a few words, but I really felt like we communicated well. Me with words and hand gestures. She with one syllable words and facial gestures.
There was also time to see my family. My cousin (on my mothers side) Jensia invited all the cousins with children to a out of this world scrumptious breakfast. My cousins (on my fathers side) almost all went out twice. So good to talk and remember good old days at grandmother Jennys house. The weather was lovely. It rained twice in my ten day stay - almost unbelievable!

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