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Selvindi Cottage

Kristjan and I are officially homeowners. We bought Kristjans grandfathers childhood home. It's tiny and cosy and I love it! Kristjan is actually in the Faroe Islands right now insulating the house and enjoying every minute of it. I'll probable be posting a lot about our cosy cottage in the future and the gradual transformation.
I'd love for us to spend christmas 2013 in the cottage, we'll see...

Anonym –   – (16 oktober, 2012)  

& the view is beautiful too!

Dorthea –   – (19 oktober, 2012)  

Looking forward to follow the transformation! :)

Svanna  – (25 oktober, 2012)  

@Evdokia yes I love the view :-)
@Dorthea me too!

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