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Belated royal wedding

Never got around to share with you the fabulous day I had with some of my lovely aunts - celebrating the royal wedding between Catherine & William. We eat sushi and typical faroese cookies for dessert. We all knitted whilst watching (I have yet to finnish the dress I started to knit then). My aunt Karinbeth brought all here family wedding photos and my mother shared all here royal wedding magazines plus Betties wedding dress decorated the living room that day.

Anonym –   – (21 september, 2011)  

Hold da op, det er en bryllupsfest som vil noget! Men smadderhyggeligt ser det ud.

Svanna  – (26 september, 2011)  

Ja det var spdan en hyggelig dag :o)

Nauli  – (10 oktober, 2011)  

You must have had such a fun day! Amazing!

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