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The Great Wave

The beautiful Hokasai painting "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" is my computer wallpaper. I therefor immediately recognized it, when surfing for japanese paper images.
It´s a DIY Diorama that you put together yourself. It looks kinda difficult to assemble and probable requires a great deal of patience. But than again the end result is so worth it!

HELLO TIGER!  – (17 februar, 2010)  

Have you seen the bunny version of The Great Wave? Uprising by Kozyndan; http://www.kozyndan.com/art/uprisings I love it!

Svanna  – (17 februar, 2010)  

Hola Tigre

I have actually. However I did´t know the artist behind the bunny poster - which apparently are for sale signed and all!
Thanks for the comment and the link :o)


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