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I´m sorry

for my lack of posting these last weeks. Kristjan bought the humongous new Imac just before the holidays and I´we been having difficulties loading pictures on to it...
I´m loving this old commercial for Air Canada

Karumen  – (29 januar, 2010)  

Many thanks for writing back Svanna! :D

the trip is still in schedule and i'd be most most most grateful to get some more details from you abt the flea markets once confirmed ^^ cheers!

and this air canada ad is luvly too! much better than a lot of the posters these days i'd say! hehe

u hv a very lovely blog :D

Katrine  – (03 februar, 2010)  

Den er SÅ fed. Hvor har du fundet den? Tror du man kan få den som rigtig plakat stadig?

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