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Lenôtre macaroons and old friends

Rannvá is one of my dearest friend. We have known each other since we were five years old and I love the fact that we have an ever groving strong and profound friendship. She´s expecting here second child within this month and I´m so exited for her ♥ Last night the two of us had a cosy-christmas-french-macaroon-magazine-night. I had gathered all my noel magazines, we listened to christmas music and ate Lenôtre macaroons plus some additional goodies.

Lisa Kjellerød  – (08 november, 2009)  

I LOVE evenings like this! Looks very cosy...

elsabech  – (22 november, 2009)  

Lyder meget hyggeligt :)

Bloesem  – (16 december, 2009)  

That is nice and precious!

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