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Pretty as a bow

Bow No1
Bow No2
Bow No3
I find bows to be fascinating. When I lived in Honduras there was a store in a mall with only one "product" which was wrapped your present and there they made the most outrages bows I´ve ever seen. Here´s a funny video of how to make a bow and here´s a more chic diy bow instructiuon.

Dorthea –   – (18 november, 2009)  

Áh sum er dámi væl at fylgja við á blogginum hjá tær! Inspirerandi er tað! :)

Svanna  – (26 november, 2009)  

Merci Dorthea :o)
Títt arbeiði í Íslandi sær ikki minnið inspirerandi út!

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