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We received few but great gifts for our wedding. The most charming and amusing gift has to be the handmade customized hangers. They are a gift from a old classmate of mine and Kristjans handball friend Rani. Ranis mother has made them and they delighted me and our entrée everyday.

Dorthea –   – (01 oktober, 2009)  

Hehe... hetta er akkurát sum tann kulasta gávan ever! :)

Svanna  – (02 oktober, 2009)  

Hey hey fitta Dorthea
Ja heldur tú ikki...eg eri so glað fyri trøini.
Vónandi síggjast vit skjótt og heilsa øllum heima á klettinum

HELLO TIGER!  – (18 maj, 2010)  

Svanna, I used these pictures in my blog att ELLE Interiör (the post will be up tomorrow) and linked to you. I hope it's OK, please let me know if it isn't. /Tiger

Svanna  – (19 maj, 2010)  

No problem Tiger ;o)

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