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Wedding shoes

As with the dress I´d love to have two pair of shoes for our wedding. So fare I´m loving these by Stella Mccartney.

INK AND POST  – (08 maj, 2009)  

Wow those are amazing. You should get them!!!

Anonym –   – (08 maj, 2009)  

Cannot agree more - they're absolutely gorgous!:)

SannaKoo  – (10 maj, 2009)  

Greetings from Finland!

I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I spent several hours reading through everything and I must say I adore your style.

Thanks for the great blog and I'll surely visit you regularly from now on!

carpeitem.blogspot.com/  – (11 maj, 2009)  

I´m planning to visit the Copenhagen store where Louboutin shoes are sold. Promise to post pictures later.

To SunSun. Kiitos for your kind words, they are much appreciated :o)
I´d love to see your blog someday


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