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Lovely nude shoes and cosy evenings

My younger sister Billa Jenny took it very literally, when I told her, that she could order things from the internet to my work place (she lives in the Faroe Islands and then when some of our relatives go home (usually our brother) they get to take the products home). I don´t really mind, it nice receiving packages every other week. The last thing I received were these ultra fabulous Acne shoes. The other pictures are of a cosy night at home – me making rhubarb juice and Kristjan playing his favorite computer game. It just struck me, that this post must come under the label addiction: 1. who hasn't suffered of shoe addiction at some point 2. Rhubarb has the most addictive taste 3. 80´s computer games awake good old memories and games can be addictive

billajenny  – (28 maj, 2009)  

How sweet of you:) good another one is on it's way;) thihi.. and I do loove those shoes of mine!!!

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