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Happy Easter and Good Friday

It struck me yesterday, that I had not bought a chocolate easter egg. Now a days, thanks to our wedding planning, it feels like I have a 1000 things to do and 1000 more things/thoughts in my head. I´ve even considerd buying a calender to make sense of all my plans and things to remember. All this planning is exhausting, good thing it´s Easter and no work. Kristjan and I have decided to put the planning on hold and just enjoy Easter and eachother. My parents are visiting us and we´r just chilling. We´ll go visit my aunt later today and chill some more.

mette/ungt blod  – (10 april, 2009)  

oh jeg husker tydeligt de lange bryllupslister :) for at holde prisen nede havde vi et simplikation-princip -hver gang vi tænkte på at tilføje noget nyt til bryllup spurgte vi os selv om nogle ville opdage hvis det manglede :) glædelig påske!

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