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I love the fact that, by moving the sofa in our living room, we have a hole new space. I´ll move the sofa every three months and people always say:"have you moved the sofa again?" This time I´m really happy with the outcome of our moving things around and I think hanging out lithographys together looks grand

billajenny  – (13 februar, 2009)  

oh my dear! hatta sær also out of this world cool út Svanna! eg fari beint at vísa mammu og tóru!;)

Anonym –   – (19 februar, 2009)  

i collect succulents and that middle one is amazing. Great plant!

Meyer-Lavigne  – (20 februar, 2009)  

Dear Svanna. Thank you for you comment. We are so happy that you like our vases Rainy Days. The pillows can be bought through us and they cost 450,- for the big one and the small 400,-

Best from

Sabine and Kristine

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