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Subtle christmas ornament

Here are some lovely subtile christmas ornaments from House Doctor. Subtle christmas decorating is something I don´t do. Not that I don´t like shuttle, but I tend to go way overboard. I´m curtain that it has something to do with childhood – I´ve always wished for colored lights on our christmas tree, but my mom only wanted white lights so my parents decorated my room with "tacky" colored lights and everything else "tacky" I wanted to decorate I got to do, just as long as it was in my room. Children are smart you know... and I certainly felt the clear resentment towards my so called tacky decoration. Today I get my own revenge once a year. The 1st December I buy a 2,5 meter high tree and go nuts with my "tacky" colored lights and ornaments. On my mothers defense: I´m sure that I´ll do the same and let my children go nuts in their own rooms and maintain my style in the rest of the house. Makes sense.

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