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Mega Flower

Kristjan and I went to a concert at Tivoli this weekend. Tivoli is packed with beautiful flowers and I couldn´t resist picking this mega flower. Think it would make a simple wedding bucket all by it self. If there is anyone who knows what flower this is than plz let me know.

Kathryn  – (25 august, 2008)  

It's a type of dahlia - fabulous!

Maija  – (25 august, 2008)  

Pretty pictures and beautiful flower. The name of the flower is Dinner Plate Dahlia. It really is as big as a dinner plate :)

Sidsel_._  – (25 august, 2008)  

Hvor smuk - kan godt forstå du bare måtte plukke den smukke Georgine - som de hedder på dansk.

Anonym –   – (25 august, 2008)  

wow den er fantastisk! ville være en fantastisk brudebuket!

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