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Back in Copenhagen

I´m back in wonderful Copenhagen after almost 4 weeks in Honduras and 15 days in the Faroes. I have so much to share and many pictures to show, but tonight is Ólavsøka (Faroese National Festival) and I´m off to Nord Atlantis Bryggen. But starting from tomorrow I´ll be posting regularly again. Please stay tuned

Anonym –   – (29 juli, 2008)  

What does this picture mean?

Svanna  – (29 juli, 2008)  

Well nothing really. It´s just four pictures out of many from my 10 day trip to my homeland the Faroes.

A  – (30 juli, 2008)  

Stumbled across your blog, looking forward to see some pictures...going by the collage you have put on your blog, interesting ones are expected :)

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