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2 x Beauties

Been meaning to share my beautiful latté spoons from Gense. The cutlery we have is danish modern in Palisander, however latté wasn´t the thing in the 50`s. So I thought about getting AJ latté spoons from Georg Jensen, but than Gense re-launched Focus de Luxe and voila I could not resist the temptation that is Folke Arström design. The Vogue cover feat. Linda Evangelista is one of my favorite Vogue covers ever!

Soren Roland  – (03 april, 2008)  

Ask yourself how much you care
About dining chairs and Baudelaire...

You need someone to turn you on, you need to let yourself have fun...

Anonym –   – (03 april, 2008)  

quite the poet are we?
Håber vi ses snart Thomas Min egen lille semi ven;o)

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