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2012 – a green bonanza

No home without plants!
We have just one criteria when it comes to plants. They need to be durable, because of our loooong visits to the Faroes.
I'm so into cactuses and have been ever since I was 13 years old and thought I was to be an architect and saw a tv documentary about Arne Jacobsen, where he among other things talked about his love for the cactus with its geometric structure. Succulent are pretty as well. Another plus with having plants are the ceramic and terra-cotta pots.

Anonym –   – (05 oktober, 2012)  

beautiful cactuses!
& fotos in general!
& this red one is extremelly different & pretty!

Svanna  – (25 oktober, 2012)  

thank you sweet Evdokia

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