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How strange

Nikolina Flora, Kristjan and I went to see among other things ourselves hanging on the wall at Nikolaj sometime ago now. The paintings are by Mette Helena Rasmussen, made for her final/graduating project. It was a very strange and surreal feeling, seeing my family and myself painted. I look all stiff uppe lip and Mette has once told me I´m the most oldfashion person she knows, but she insisted that that was not the chase with the portraits :o) Any who I had a lovely time celebrating Mette Helena and here fine accomplishment at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has a bright future ahead of here!

Lisa Kjellerød  – (12 juli, 2011)  

How fantastic that you have a wonderful family portrait (but I think you look much more beautiful in "real life"!)

Svanna  – (13 juli, 2011)  

Thanks Lise - I hope os ha ha ha!

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