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New Days

Hurray I'm all done breast feeding. I'm so proud of myself - that I made it work even though it was hard work and excruciating at times. Nikolina started at a private child nursery this monday. Big changes for her and for us. I'm the kind that doesn't mind having Nikolina sleeping in our bed and she can stay in our bed until she´s 12 if that is what she wants. Evan though I´m not ready and it is so not happening yet, than I still can daydream about a future room for her. I'd personally love a tent!

Love + vegetables  – (10 juni, 2011)  

hurra for deg! du har gjort en kjempeinnsats!
og nei, det er ikke alltid like lett å holde ammingen i gang.
nyt stoltheten over deg selv nå:)


Svanna  – (16 juni, 2011)  

mange ganger takk søte maria :o)

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