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Nikolina Flora

Nikolina Flora was christened in Sjóvar church, an old traditional Faroese church from 1834. The weather was beautiful and we had invited both our families (about one hundred people, a rather large family) to lunch at Kristjans parents house. She cried hysterically until the christening part was over. Nikolina wore a historical family dress - made by Nikolinas great great grandmother Sanna, from her great grandmothers weddingdress, for her grandmother Nicolina. The tables were set with white hyacinths and my mothers several dozen Marimekko iittala Kivi candle holders decorated with cute vintage doilies bought at Etsy

mette/ungt blod  – (09 januar, 2011)  

tillykke med dåben lille nikolina flora!

Katrine  – (09 januar, 2011)  

Nikolina Flora er SÅ fin! Tillykke med hendes navn.

Lisa Kjellerød  – (18 januar, 2011)  

What a beautiful name (along with a beautiful dress,beautiful church and beautiful baby!)

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