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Faroese Winther Wonderland

No offence to Denmark and the danish natur...but it just does not do it for me. Her are some picture of the Faroe Islands, that indeed do it for me :-) The Faroese winter was a mild one and me and my pram had many good walks in the fresh air. Not that I´m byes ;-) but the Faroe Islands are definitely a trip worthwhile!

Anonym –   – (23 januar, 2011)  

Beautiful nature, nice photos :-) I would like to visit there again and go walking!
I love the rough rocks, cliffs, waves, sounds and hills in Faroes. These snow photos give me another inspiration. (It was summer when I visited there)

Svanna  – (24 januar, 2011)  

Hi Chika :-)
Are you from Japan? I´m impressed that you have visited my homeland! Personally I´d love love love to visit Japan. My hubby has promised me, that when Nikolina Flora is old enough, the two of us will go on a romantic trip to Japan. The Faroe Islands are beautiful covered in snow - you should come and make sure I´m home to visit me :-)

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