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Once upon a time...

there was a swedish princess named Victoria. The princess met her prince charming at a fitness center. She is now (seven years later) getting married this saturday (july 19) and I cant wait to she her in all the royal splendor.
The swedish furniture retailer IKEA, have a charming micro site up and running in the name of the swedish royal wedding, with great wedding table settings, DIY tips ect. But a micro site could not do it for the furniture giant, so IKEA have set up there own version of Haga Castle (the future residence of Victoria and Daniel) by the Stockholm harbor, where you can see different table settings, decorations, recipes for a wedding menus and much more.

Anonym –   – (15 juni, 2010)  

I know what you mean! We've spent more money on baby stuff than we've ever spent on ourselves! And I'm not even close to being done buying stuff.

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