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During my visit to Barcelona, I saw these posters several times. I thought the posters were beautiful and some research only enforce my opinion. Here is a somewhat long explanation.
Musical notation system follows a convention that dates back centuries. By reading it, musicians can get an aural sense of melody, tempo and all the other instructions on how the score should be played. But what if the notations were shown in graphically different colors and dot sizes? This is a study done by graphic designer Laia Clos of Mot Studio based in Barcelona. Laia Clos explains that the self-initiated project started with a woman in her studio who had a solid knowledge of music. From there, they created a new graphic musical notation system called “SisTeMu,” which translates a musical score into simple geometric forms and basic printing colors, exploring the rhythmic and melodic harmonies found in the musical composition. The system somewhat simplifies the complexity and mathematical structure, making it accessible to the viewer through a visual narrative. For their first translation, they used the musical data for the lead violin part of Antonio Vivaldi’s baroque concerto, “The Four Seasons” (or “Lesquartrestacions”). In addition to producing a booklet documenting how to read the SisTeMu system, Mot Studio also created a limited edition posters of each concerto/season and a set of postage stamps, which you can order from Mot’s website http://tomedicions.bigcartel.com/.
On a side note...Nikolina Flora and I often start the day with this part of Spring and eat porridge for breakfast

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