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You had me at crack

I never did receive a 10 year anniversary gift from Kristjan. Whilst other woman my wish for diamonds and such...well then I'm cheap in comparison. I'd love to unwrap the Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book filled with baked gods. The mouthwatering recipes include the trademarked Crack Pie and Cereal Milk.

TURID  – (07 maj, 2012)  

No Way! Oh, hasa havi eg eisini leingi ynskt mær!

Lisa Kjellerød  – (07 maj, 2012)  

I'm the same as you! If Henrik gives me a couple of Paumes books I'm a very happy lady!

Svanna  – (08 maj, 2012)  

@Turið http://www.bogpriser.dk/work-819-momofuku-milk-bar/?pid=250120813 :-)
@Lisa I love Paumes books - now added on my wish list :-)

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