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Nikolina & Kristjan hanging
blurry friends at my birthday
Pneumokok Meningitis :-(
Kristjan turned 30 and we celebrated with close friends

we had some fun moments at the hospital (we were admitted for 7 days)
made a wedding invite for the cutest couple
they were happy with the result and showed it :-)
loving the veranda
not that sleepy
some more guitar bonding
Frederiksberg Have
visiting home in the Faroe Islands and enjoying spring
royal wedding with my aunts and cousins
My mom celebrated her 60th birthday (she's the one wearing white pants)
googling with my abbi
Jenny Peodora Andrea Joensen - my granny
enjoying spring in Copenhagen
Enghave Park
visiters on there way to eat all you can Roast pork with parsley sauce
Copenhagen Marathon
rooting for the faroese participants
First time using a toothbrush (only three teeth yet)
bubble bath
made a whole lot of gratin in 2011 - favorite combo fish & cauliflower
served with pees and melted butter
getting ready to see our portrait painting by the talented Mette Helena Rasmussen
summer walks
practise makes perfect
vietnamese spring rolls - another fave food in 2011
doing the chores
Tilda & Nikolina playing
Rhubarb, red wine and cinnamon soup with rich vanilla ice cream
the most lovely day with my brother and his lovely family in Tivoli
testosterone food for hubby
look what i got - up and walking with support
the annual way over the top sushi spree with my bosom friend Lív
peek a boo
more veranda loving
the cuteness that is Nikolina Flora
home again to the Faroes
the view before landing
one beautiful summers day
Kristjan bought my granny a digital frame to showcase all her 18 soon 19 great grandchildren
my niece in the faroese folk costume. My mother has woven the apron and scarf
Kristjan & I in our folk clothes
cute folklore kids
my brother, his girlfriend and us at the midnight sing a long
Nikolina Floras first birthday
why are all these people here?!
rainbow cake - pretty but too sweet but pretty
on our way to Kristjans parrents
We celebrated Dorthea, my sweet cousin, and hubby Bill. They got married in Iceland
Italian food at my siste Tóras palce - great cook!
whilest we eat Nikolina and her cousin Arthur play
back in dk - sipping cheap Asti with the newlyweds

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