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NOMA no1

Noma - Amuse bouche – smoked quail egg. from A Life Worth Eating on Vimeo.

I went to work last thursday not knowing I would end up eating lunch at NOMA - the Worlds number one restaurant, but I did and it was an amazing experience. Photos: Jacob M Larsen

Tropaeolum majus and snails/Malt crispbread and Juniper
Finnish moss with penny bun fungus powder
Crunchy rind and blackcurrant baked pig skin
Biscuits and wild coriander
Blue mussel in half shell
Fresh fjord shrimps and beurre blanc (fresh red. alive and kicking)
Potato and chicken liver with cocoa powder
Pickled and smoked quails egg (one of NOMAs signature dish)
Radish, carrot, soil and grass
Toast with smoked cod roe, herbs, vinegar powder and fried skin from duck broth
Gorgeous bread served with pork fat and virgin butter (churned just until the buttermilk separates from the butter leaving a tart and fresh taste)

The menu:
Apple and artichoke with dried Apple must powder. On the juices of coriander (my favorite...I think)
Edible crab (Cancer pagurus) and cakile with jelly made out of an Icelandic seaweed called söl and rapeseed oil
Onions, thyme and gooseberry juice
Vintage carrot, see sorrel with fresh truffle and truffle sauce from Gotland (sex on a plate)
The hen and the egg
Buck, unripe walnut and taraxacum With buttermilk cream and golden juniper juice
Cucumber snow and elderflower flan (so fresh and so clean clean)
'Gammel dansk' icecream, dehydrated milk, milk powder crumble and woodsorrel (Gammel Dansk is a bitter herbal digestif similar to Fernet Branca)

Petits fours:
Smoked toffees with marrow fat
Potato chip dipped in chocolate with fennel and green star anise
Buttermilk flødeboller covered with sweet milk chocolate (flødeboller is a chocolate-coated raw marshmallow treat)

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