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1 year

Time flies when you have the most wonderful daughter ever :o) We celebrated Nikolina Floras first birthday at my parents house togeather with 78 other guests (a mediocre big faroese birthday). I made Rainbow cake and it looked the part! Nikolina enjoyed the wrapping paper a lot:o) The pop cakes were the childrens favorite by a fare.

Anonym –   – (10 august, 2011)  

Wow det ser ud til at have været en god fest! Et bombardement af alle sanser og en klar inspiration, næste gang jeg skal holde fest.

Katrine  – (12 august, 2011)  

78 guests! Mediocre birthday party! Oh my, that's crazy! But what a great way to celebrate your first year, wauw! Congratulations Nikolina Flora! (I love the shoes pic!)

Svanna  – (15 august, 2011)  

Tak Ida og Katrine :o)

Anonym –   – (18 august, 2011)  

The rainbow cake is beautiful! I love the pictures! Happy Birthday Nikolina!

Svanna  – (18 august, 2011)  

Thanks Jennifer and many congratulations to you too. Your Juniper is too cute and those eyes...eat your hart out boys ;o)

Lotte  – (26 august, 2011)  

What a greate cake :))) and sweet child :)

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