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Home sweet home

Me and my little girl are off to the Faroe Islands and will stay there for two months. Pour Kristjan will stay here in Copenhagen - thank god for Skype ;-) The picture was taken this summer and depicts my childhood home my mom and uncle Kaj

Lisa Kjellerød  – (04 november, 2010)  

Have a wonderful time! I dont know what I'd do without Skype, now Im living in Norway yet I still get to see my mum and my friends every day through the wonders of Skype!

Lisa Kjellerød  – (05 november, 2010)  

Thanks for your nice comments! The Skype comment comes up on this blog post so you didnt delete after all!!!

Anonym –   – (14 november, 2010)  

your little girl is very cute!

may i ask a question? i remember seeing a cubus candleholder on your blog. do you know an online retailer for it? Stine

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