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My Mother ♥

It´s my mothers birthday today. Now that I´m a grown up (well almost) I realize that she is an outstanding woman and a great and generous person.
I often think: "how did she manage and survive three and later four children, a full-time job and a husband away easily half of the year fishing in the big blue ocean?"
Now that I´m to be a mother my self, I can only try my hardest to be as generous, creative, original, strong, open, fashionable, freehearted, modern, spontaneous and colorful a mother that she is. Many congratulations from me ♥

Lina –   – (28 april, 2010)  

AAA...sum hatta var ein vøkur heilsan til eina góða mammu:)


PROVINS  – (05 maj, 2010)  

Åh hvor er den bare flot!! får vores skaldede lille sorte til at se helt beskidt ud:-)

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