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Possible maybe

Here´s a sneak peak at my dress for the wedding party. It´s a vintage french dress in Duchess silk from the 50ese. I´m loving it, but think it´s maybe too simple. I don´t know....we´ll see what I end up in. Big decisions! I love my wedding shoes. They fit perfectly, are comfy, cute and vintage of course.

Anonym –   – (24 marts, 2009)  

ihhh hvor er det spændende! ser meget.. Romantisk ud! og skoene er perfecte

billajenny  – (24 marts, 2009)  

svanna!!.. hatta eru teir flottastu brúðarskógvarnar eg havi sæð O_O

PROVINS  – (24 marts, 2009)  

spændende :-)!! kjolen ser lækker ud, og sikke nogle fine sko!!

Svanna  – (25 marts, 2009)  

Thank you guys. Much appreciated!
I´m really nervous about the hole wedding dress part of the wedding. I know that Kristjan will think I look stunning (and that´s the most important part) but what about my mother, grandmother, sisters, sister and mother in law to be, cousins and girlfriends.
OMG writing that just made me so much more nervous!

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