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Yet Another ingenious Czech thing

Ok Dr. Oetker isn´t czech, but I bought a couple of these "warm chocolate creamy pudding drinks", when in Prague. It´s like drinking extra thick hot chocolate. Apparently my sweet tooth is more sweet than than average czech, because I end up adding a couple drops of vanilla extract. I already have a ritual, when I make a cup of "warm chocolate creamy pudding drink". The living room needs to be warm and cosy with candlelights lit and at least one crisp magazine to read. Sladký moment translates to "Sweet moment" and thats just what Dr. Oetker "warm chocolate creamy pudding drinks" provide!

billajenny  – (11 februar, 2009)  

omg, eg siti í einari kaldari skúlastovu og tad kavar uttanfyri.. I'd kill for a cup of hot chockolate creamy pudding:'(

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