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Must see, must do and must taste!

When in Copenhagen, there are the must see/must do things like paying H. C. Andersens Little Mermaid a visit, taking a stroll down Ny Havn and trying Tivolis many amusements. But what about the must taste things to do in cph? One thing I would recommend as a serious MUST is La Glace - one of the oldest and probably best confectionary in Denmark. It was founded the 8th of October 1870. It is an experience to visit the confectionary with the cakes are to die for! My favorite besides Sarah Bernhard is the Volmer Sørensen cake below.
1 H. C. Andersens cake consits of lemon mousse, rasberry butter with anise, nut sponge. Decorated with white chocolate. 2 The Volmer Cake consists of soft nougat in whipped cream, macaroon bottom, apricot marmalade, and vanilla cream. Decorated with a marzipan border.
3 The Sports Cake consists of crushed nougat, whipped cream, macaroon bottom and caramelized choux pastry. 4 The Autumn Cake consists of chocolate truffle, chocolate bottom, smothered in butter chocolate and decorated with chocolate leaves.

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