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Long needed facelift

Our spare bedroom has undergone a long needed facelift. We bought 2½ white Billy/Byom some time ago. There are several great things about Billy/Byom. The first is that the doors prevent dust entering, the bookcases are white which makes them less visible and they are only 28 cm or 11 " deep, again makes them less visible and yesterday we finally got around hanging some pictures up on the walls. If you´re wondering why the pictures are hanging the way they are, than there is no other reason then the pictures are covering holes and nasty plastering. We´re so pleased with the overall results that we slept there last night.

Lotte  – (13 november, 2008)  

Fedt skab...Åhhh...kunne godt bruge sådan et lige nu :)
Og ser godt ud med de "dækkende" billeder på væggen...:)

Anonym –   – (14 november, 2008)  

A la mama!!!!

Trendwelt  – (14 november, 2008)  
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