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... Have a great weekend people!

"Happy music for happy people" - Bjørg Poulsen

Anonym –   – (07 november, 2008)  

Yes indeed - and what a truly happy song that is. I just might hear it once more, or even twice! ;o) But why have you placed my name at the end of the quote? Are those words by any chance mine? :)


Anonym –   – (10 november, 2008)  

hej svanna! just thought of you when i saw this: http://blackeiffel.blogspot.com/2008/11/max-wanger.html

--just in case you haven't seen it your self.

Svanna  – (12 november, 2008)  

Thanks for thinking of me sweet Mette.
I absolutely love the bouquet ;o)

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