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Smiling in a War Zone

"One day in January 2002, Simone Aaberg Kærn was sitting in her usual café in Christianshavn, she read an article about a girl in Afghanistan who wanted to become a fighter pilot so she could strike back at the Taliban. "All at once, several threads came together at a single point. I immediately knew this was my project. I wanted to go to Kabul and take this girl flying."

"Smiling in a War Zone – is a modern fairytale about Aaberg Kærn's stubborn struggle to build an air bridge across two continents. We follow her persistent negotiations with air traffic controllers and generals about airspace access, and we are with her in the cockpit when she finally takes off for Kabul, despite a definite no-go from the American Air Force. All this to give a girl in Kabul a chance to fly."

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