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momentary insanity

I don´t know what got in to me, but I spontaneously bought a purple DOT pillow from Wendtdesign for a lot of money the other day. I´ve wanted and wished for the pillow for easily two years, but still I had not planned to go to Gammel Kongevej and buy the most gorgeous pillow ever. I´m happy...but I can´t help having a guilty conscience.

Anonym –   – (03 september, 2008)  

fantastiske -men jeg kender godt den der dårlige samvittighed...

Sidsel_._  – (03 september, 2008)  

lucky girl! they are GREAT

Anonym –   – (04 september, 2008)  

hello from japan! it's great. now you have 2 targets for shooting arrows:) I love your taste in style and I also know what you feel.

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